Cemac Hamilton in conjunction with Edwards White Architects create Company Xs new space

Transforming Company-X's Workspace: A Collaborative Design Effort



Company-X is a software development company known for its world-class teams and efficient project delivery. They specialise in assembling highly skilled and collaborative groups of analysts, architects, designers, developers, testers, and project managers, all working in close proximity. These self-managed teams stay with projects from inception to completion, ensuring continuity and smooth execution. With a can-do attitude and a focus on fast delivery, Company-X has built a reputation for exceeding client expectations.


Edwards White Architects

Company-X New Office in Union Square HQ: Designed by Edwards White Architects, Furnished by Cemac

To bring this vision to life, Cemac provided a range of innovative furniture solutions, including: Custom Strandfloor desk- tops, which were paired with Ovation electric desk bases. The Ovation offers adjustable working heights, which can be controlled by the Ovation app. This free app promotes movement throughout the day. The desks are paired with monitor arms, slick Ovation cable management and integrated power and charging docks. For optimal comfort and functionality, the Denn chairs are ergonomically designed with adjustable features to support long hours of comfortable seating.


Biophilic touches were incorporated through planters with built-in storage and a custom plant screen, adding greenery and fostering a connection with nature. Slimline pedestals, discreetly tucked under the desks, provided essential storage space without compromising on the clean lines of the design. High-quality Babila stools were strategically placed in designated breakout zones to encourage collaboration and informal discussions.

This collaborative effort between Company-X, Edwards White Architects and Cemac, resulted in a transformative workspace that prioritises both employee well-being and productivity. The innovative design, incorporating elements like adjustable desks, ergonomic furniture, and biophilic touches, create a healthy and engaging work environment, enabling employees to thrive.


“Cemac provided the kind of service that Company-X also aimed to provide on every project.  It was partnership, inventive, collaborative, great communication and on time! The end results exceeded our expectations and are beautiful. Company-X is thrilled to endorse Cemac’s outstanding service. Their commitment to partnership, innovation, collaboration, excellent communication, and timely completion aligns perfectly with Company-X’s own values. We were particularly impressed by Cemac’s ability to exceed expectations and deliver a beautiful final product. Their approach exemplifies the exceptional service that Company-X strives to provide on every project. Stunning results, great work!” – Jeremy Hughes, Director & Karen Moore, Office Manager


“We had a fantastic experience working with Cemac on the furniture procurement for the Company-X fitout. Their team was incredibly collaborative  to help us bring our creative vision to life providing custom solutions tailored to our clients needs which included bespoke workstation tops fabricated from Strandfloor. Their flexibility, and commitment to quality made the entire process seamless. “- Herman Haringa, Edwards White Architects

The custom strand board desktops elevate modern charging solutions, catering to all your needs. Equipped with wireless charging, USB and USB-C ports, and adhering to AS/NZS 3112 standard grounding receptacle, our desks provide comprehensive solutions for your charging requirements.

This was an awesome project to be apart of, and we cant wait to see what new opportunities this expansion will provide!

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