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l  Inspections should be conducted at intervals not exceeding 12 months by competent inspectors. However, additional inspections can be scheduled based on the company’s preference. 
l  Detailed reports categorising damage severity using a traffic light system.
l  Green: Negligible damage, Amber: Requires repairs but not immediate off-loading, Red: Severe damage requiring immediate action.
l  Load signs indicating maximum capacity for each rack.
Advice on weekly inspections.
Standard that governs Pallet racking AS4084/2023

We make it easy for your business to meet essential safety regulatory standards.

Our Dexion approved rack inspectors can examine your installation and provide you with a written audit report, including any adjustments that may be required.


To comply with New Zealand warehouse safety regulations, it’s crucial to have your Racking System inspected at least every 12 months. Given New Zealand’s susceptibility to earthquakes due to its location on the boundary of the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates, regular inspections are essential. With over 20,000 earthquakes recorded annually by GNS Science, including some significant ones, ensuring the integrity of your racking system is paramount.


We are in alignment with Worksafe’s recommendation that businesses include racking inspections as part of their safety management programs to prevent serious damage. These inspections involve thorough checks to ensure proper utilization, adherence to working limits, and the system’s integrity. Forklift operations are also considered, ensuring safety and operational efficiency.


Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Section 2, businesses are obligated to have their equipment and systems inspected and deemed safe. Worksafe NZ recommends annual inspections to maintain safety standards.


Incorporating annual rack inspections, rack protection, and safety products like mesh decks can significantly contribute to creating a safer working environment. If you haven’t had a rack inspection in the past year or need an assessment following recent seismic events, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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