Expert Storage Racking Inspections

Storage Racking Inspections

Prioritize the safety of your warehouse

If your storage racking were to fail, what impact would it have on your business?

We make it easy for your business to meet essential safety regulatory standards.

Our Dexion approved rack inspectors can examine your installation and provide you with a written audit report, including any adjustments that may be required.

The Crucial Role of Pallet Racking Inspections in New Zealand

New Zealand is particularly earthquake prone as we are located on the boundary of two of the world’s major tectonic plates- the Pacific Plate and the Australian Plate, these two grind past each other along the Alpine Fault.

GNS Science records over 20,000 earthquakes in New Zealand each year! About 100-150 of these quakes are large enough to be felt – the others we only know about because they are recorded by seismic graphs. 

We agree with Worksafe in saying that your business should  consider inspections for all racking, as part of your safety management programs to ensure that no serious damage occurs. 


  • System usage checks ensure proper and effective utilization.
  • Adherence to working limits ensures safe and compliant operations.
  • Verifying that the system has not been modified in anyway to guarantee its integrity and stability.
  • Ensuring damage-free racking to promote safety and operational efficiency.
  • Forklift impact is commonplace in busy warehouse environments and left unchecked/unrepaired, could result in failure of your racking system, which can lead to serious or even fatal injuries to your staff.
  • Forklift implications can impact business continuity in terms of inventory loss.
  • Incorporating annual rack inspections, rack protection, and racking safety products, such as mesh decks, will help create a safer working environment, have a look through our product lists for more information on these items.


If you have not had a rack inspection conducted in the past 12 months or would like us to assess your current racking system after the recent seismic events, please get in touch with us.

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