Compactus Freetrack® 2

Compactus Freetrack® 2

All the benefits of the modular Ultima CI-80 shelving system

All-new track design strengthens the track profile for enhanced shelving mobility. In addition, the low profile design of the track incorporates pivoting ramps. These ramps follow the floor contour to reduce trip hazards and provide trolley and wheelchair access. The ramps are an attractive alternative to a timber infill and greatly enhance the overall appearance of the system.

The system can be easily extended or converted to mekdrive® 2 should the need arise. Because the system doesn’t require a timber infill, or floor fixing, the possibility of damage to floor coverings is eliminated.

Freetrack® 2 is easier and far more cost effective to install, relocate or reconfigure than fixed-track systems. The unique track-based anti-tilt mechanism secures all shelving bays and enhances operator safety

The universal runner design allows different double sided bay combinations. eg. 600/450 double sided, 250/300 double sided

Choose between track locks for overall system security or aisle locks for securing individual bays.

The lighter weight of the system reduces operator strain and loads imposed on the floor

Track and runner combination add only 65mm to the shelving height

Recommended shelving block widths 900, 1200, 1800mm (dependent on block load)

Movable shelving block load up to 1000kg


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