Merchandising System

Merchandising System

Most versatile shelving option available combining options for strength, height and slimline appearance.

Essentially a shelving system within a racking system, products of all sizes and weights can be effectively merchandised.

A mixture of beam levels for heavier goods, steel shelves for lighter weight items and peg panel for hang sell products.

1200mm extensions can be added to offer extra merchandising, storage or marketing/signage opportunities.

Available in single, double and triple width bay displays as well as double sided option, this is a freestanding, perimeter and centre floor display system.

Easily assembled – the beams clip into the welded frames and are adjustable in 50mm increments.

Strong welded steel construction allows for loads of up to 900kg (see specifications re UDL for each beam length – also dependant on type of shelf used).

Finished with hard wearing powder coat in a choice of colours.

Dimensions (mm)

Frame heights – 2400 + 1200 extensions
Frame depths – 530, 990
Shelf lengths – 915
Shelf depths – 225, 300, 375, 450
Beam lengths – 966, 1877, 2800
Weight loadings (UDL = Uniformly distributed load)
– per 966 wide shelf 900kgs
– per 1877 wide shelf 250kgs
– per 2800 wide shelf 120kgs


• Steel bins and dividers
• Wire baskets and dividers
• Cross bars
• Clothing brackets
• Peg panels and prongs
• Torso and mannequin supports
• Tool holders
• Slatwall inserts
• Magazine modules


• Flat or angled brackets for steel shelving
• Shelf height adjustment in 25mm increments
• Infill panels can be decorative to suit situation, e.g. Steel Grid, Melamine, Slatwall, Peg panel
• Glass Door and shelf option
• Peg Panel ends for extra display
• Storage compartments
• Lighting
• Custom built to suit required size by application in addition to standard size options


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