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Athena Rail

Athena Rails

Stylish design solution for providing power and/or data to the workspace where it is easily accessible – above the worktop
Range of standard configurations are available
Standard Athena rail comes in a natural anodised finish with black or white end caps and sockets
Can be customised to any length and specification you require
Complete range of electrical protective devices, international socket types can be ordered with your power rail

Standard Configurations
1 X GPO, Helipad 15W Wireless Charger, 1 x Inline USB-C/A PD Fast-Charge module (30W shared)
1 X GPO And Inline USB-A/A 2X2.1A Fast Charge
1 X GPO And Inline USB-A/C With Quick Charge Port
1 X GPO, 60W USB Type-A/A/C PD3.0 Fast Charge Module, 600mm Tag Plug Lead, L3T Splitter and Mounting brackets
2 X Rotated GPO And USB-A/C And Quick Charge Port
2 X Rotated GPO And 2 X Data Provision
2 X Auto Switched GPO (Rotated) And 2 x Fast Charge USB Outlets
2 X Rotated GPO Only
4 X Rotated GPO And 3 X Data Provision


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