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Ctrl Rail System

Ctrl Rail System

Workspace tools and accessories that facilitate changing office environments, effortlessly.

CTRL recognises that people work differently. It consists of a single, double sided rail or a screen rail. Screen rails can be benchtop or post mounted. As a system Ctrl allows individuals and teams to modify their own workspace as part of their daily workflow. Tool-less user interaction encourages a fluid composition of the objects and interfaces necessary to function effectively and efficiently. Elevating work elements off the desktop de-clutters the physical space and helps focus the mind. Ctrl provides a kit of task appropriate tools that allows users to take control of the way they work by removing the inherent restrictions of traditional workspaces. All accessories slide effortlessly without needing to disengage from the rail, or can be locked in place. It is compatible with Rumba, Kissen, Orbis, Epic and Epic Plus workstations. It may also be retrofitted to counters and benches the correct opportunity arises.


Metal Rail & Accessories: Dulux Metallic Grey, Black, White and custom powder coated colours
Plastic Accessories: Grey, white, yellow
Screens: Acoustic panel, acrylic, fabric wrapped and laminate

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