Dulux- 2024 Trends

At Cemac, we are loving the new interior trends and colour forecasting. Dulux released its annual colour forecast for 2024, check out our summary of the three palettes and some product we think fits perfectly within the schemes:


Solstice is soothing, rich and organic. Scandi meets Mediterranean and African landscapes. With warm neutrals, rich browns and cool blue accents. Materials are tactile and forms are sculptural.  The vibe is safe and homely- evoking feelings of warmth, security and strength. ­This translates to commercial spaces well, inviting our staff back into the office after periods of working from home. Straight hard lines and grey tones of office spaces are a thing of the past, in its place are rolling curves, and warm neutrals.

Our recommendations: 

  • Sculptural side tables 
  • The Jac chair in Chocolate


Full of Boho charm and eclectic allure with heavy patterns and texture. Weaving past and present brings about a vintage vibe. It’s not a look for the minimalist, with eclectic arts and craft influences. A cultural melting pot with colours like red plums, and yellow greens.

Our Recommendations:

  • The OkiDoki in Morello Powder-coat
  • Kav-  Designed with inspiration from the Scandinavian classicals, it’s a striking product that has been able to reflect the cosiness of wood on a single seat
  • Custom acoustic panels in one of Autex’s lovely greens. ‘Highland’ the new Yellow green fits perfectly into the Journey Palette

A sustainable design to fit well with Journeys ethos, the OkiDoki chair is on its way finished with recycled waste Denim. 


Nostalgic, a fusion of retro throwbacks of the 60s, 70s and 80’s. It’s a free spirited palette, with rich bold tans and deep dramatic greens. It is a relaxed mood, with materials including polished metal and velvet. The furniture is low slung and the forms are curved.

Our recommendations: