Mekdrive 3 Longspan Compactus

Mekdrive 3 Longspan Compactus®

Light and easy mechanically assisted mobile storage.

Safe, easy and ultra-light, the Mekdrive 3 Longspan Compactus is one of the most cost-efficient mechanical filing and storage systems available.

Its stylish hand-wheel with an integrated spinner handle makes it safer and more ergonomical to use, while the robust chain drive moves up to 6,000 kg block loads effortlessly, reducing operator strain. The system also comes with unique patented pivoting ramps which can accommodate a range of floor contours.

Couple with Ultima Longspan 2 shelving for a seamless storage solution. It doesn’t need floor fixing or timber in-fills, so there’s no damage to the floor. If you’re using the MekDrive 3 system with a hand operated unit, it’s easy to upgrade.



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