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Kissen Collection of tables and workstations with a distinct leg profile, derived from the German word ‘cushion’

Designed for the physical and functional requirements of today’s diverse work modes; Kissen fosters connection whether in a social or collaborative setting. The family of tables and workstations feature a strong timber aesthetic with a distinct leg profile. The under-structure design makes economic use of components and accessory options to provide ease of team expression and identity.

KISSEN TABLES provide work surfaces in a broad range of sizes for both seated and standing heights of 720mm, 750mm* and 1050mm respectively, with the option of mobility castors.

KISSEN legs are available linear or with a 45° corner leg for a softer domestic visual appeal.

KISSEN WORKSTATION is engineered to optimise team based working with numerous configuration options and customisation to enrich the work environment. Integrated with ZENITH Ctrl™. KISSEN WORKSTATION has access to a range of accessories such as power outlets, monitors, stationery trays and acoustic products and is available in powder coated aluminium or solid timber legs.

The interchangeable kit of parts and cable management, such as the omni duct, 96mm duct with vertical brackets, cable sleeve and felt basket


-Frame colours: White satin, black ace flat or custom powder coat

-Legs: American oak, white satin, black ace flat or custom powdercoat

-Table top: Laminate, veneer or custom


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