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Hanging Screens

Hanging Screens

Autex is dedicated to investing in innovation, product design, and development. For more than 50 years they’ve grown and developed their manufacturing output through modern technologies and machinery. Autex is focused on corporate strategies which focuses on environmental and community initiatives, as well as embedding sustainability values into business operating practices and products.

They don’t only look good, they are high performing as well; specifically designed to reduce and control echo creating a more focused and productive space. Hanging Screens are specifically designed to reduce and control reverberated noise (echo) in building interiors

Open plan environments never need to feel overwhelming as we bring you the perfect fixture to inject form, colour and texture into any commercial space. The fact that is is made of Acoustic panel gives it even more purpose with a space to help with the overall acoustics

Product Info

Custom designed or choose from our catalogue of past successes
Allows light and line of sight to penetrate through, leaving the feeling of an open space while creating spatial privacy.
Sold with aluminium channel and cable system which can surface mount or connect to ceiling grids


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