FUEL powerbox


FUEL powerboxes are designed to give users easy access to concealed power and data outlets from an unobtrusive worktop location.

FUEL is available in four models to suit different work environments from folding tables and workstations up to larger conference and meeting tables and is designed to work with the widest range of third party power and data soft-wiring systems available.

The aesthetic of the FUEL powerbox is simple and elegant with clean lines making it both visually appealing and physically sturdy. There are four FUEL models to suit the widest possible range of user requirements and work environments.

FUEL comes supplied with a 4 outlet GPO and data mounting plate which can be used for standard Cat5 or Cat6 data outlets. There are further options available for phone and/or AV outlets.

Power and data mounting plates can be repositioned within the box depending on how much space is required above or below the plate. Plates can be positioned low to allow for larger power transformers or high to address cable bending restrictions. Removable end caps mean that these plates can be swapped or repositioned even after FUEL has been installed. A removable floor provides for access from underneath if required.

Installation is straight forward and allows for standard woodworking tolerances on the cutout profile. Once placed in the worktop, mounting brackets can be adjusted without tools to secure FUEL in a wide range of worktop thicknesses ranging from 12mm to 50mm.


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