The At chair

The AT introduces a groundbreaking approach to sitting, promoting heightened metabolism for improved mental and physical well-being and the ensuing societal, commercial, and economic advantages.


Sustainability forms the core, underscored by the line’s durability in design, function, and materials. The range’s modular flexibility, service-oriented construction, and replaceable upholstery panels, backrests, and expendable parts exemplify its ecological commitment. Enhanced by automatic weight adjustment, the Harwood is tailor-made for agile work settings.   At the end of its lifecycle, the chair can be recycled, promoting an environmentally conscious workspace.


In the modern world, health experts unanimously agree that movement is key to our overall well-being – from muscles and bones to our cardiovascular and digestive systems. On the flip side, prolonged periods of sitting can lead to lethargy and long-term harm. The AT Chair is here to change that narrative, offering a dynamic solution for healthier sitting. 

About the AT

Your Path to a Healthier Workspace:

The AT isn’t just furniture; it’s a lifestyle choice.

Embrace a new way of sitting that aligns with your body’s needs, encourages movement, and boosts your overall well-being.

Active, Dynamic, and Healthier:

The AT promotes a more active and dynamic lifestyle, backed by various scientific studies showcasing its positive impact on well-being and performance.

By engaging users in diverse ways of movement, these chairs enhance overall concentration, well-being, and muscle metabolism, particularly in the lumbar region often plagued by discomfort.

A Chair Designed for You:

A personalized experience.

The automatic weight adjustment ensures that the chair accommodates your body’s centre of gravity, eliminating the need for constant adjustments.

With customisable settings for forward tilt, seat angle, and lateral tilt, the AT Chair adapts to your preferences seamlessly.

Durability Meets Aesthetics:

Crafted with precision and stability, the AT blends form and function seamlessly. Its components are not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Revolutionizing Sitting with Free-to-Move Kinematics:

The chairs technology encourages multidirectional movement while seated, addressing the critical three-dimensional hip movement that fuels a healthy metabolism.

Empowering Your Body’s Natural Motion:

Employing Trimension®, a synchronously supportive 3D kinematics system.

This innovative mechanism facilitates the natural range of motion of the pelvis, including flexing, extending, tilting, and rotating. This intuitive design supports movements in various directions, promoting a healthy sitting posture and dynamic comfort.

Sustainability at Its Core:

The AT Chair embodies sustainability through its design, function, and materials. The chair’s components are crafted from recycled materials, contributing to a greener environment. Even after it has reached its life course, the chair is up to 93% recyclable.