Discover Cemac's Office Fitout for DKJ: Modern and Functional Design

Cemac's Office fitout For DKJ - A modern and functional design

DKJ Welding


DKJ Welding Services Limited (DKJ) has proudly and successfully served New Zealand for 30 years, specialising in the dairy and process pipework industry. Founded in 1991 by three friends and local contractors—Darryl, Kevin, and John—DKJ was later acquired by Mike Calnan in 2014, after he had spent a decade working with the company.

Mike takes a hands-on approach to managing this family-run business, dividing his time between the office and onsite projects. This means you will work directly with Mike and one of our key project managers from the initial planning stages through to manufacturing and site clean-up.

DKJ Welding

We are excited to share our latest project, a full-scale office fitout for DKJ in the historic Soudal building.

This transformation spans from the reception area to the offices, breakout spaces, and meeting rooms, creating a modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing workspace. Beginning at the reception area, Folio chairs paired with a Criss Cross table were placed. This setup offers a warm and inviting first impression for visitors and sets the tone for the entire office. Both office spaces feature our Classic Electric Desks, complete with Soft Wiring  and customised Autex panels to reduce noise, creating a quiet and productive work environment. Each desk is equipped with Mobile Storage units, ensuring that personal items and work materials are easily accessible and organised.


In the open-plan area, we’ve designed a small breakout space that fosters collaboration. This area features collaborative seating and hush acoustic lighting to minimise distractions and enhance focus. The space is complemented by Proceed Tambour units, which provide essential storage while integrating biophilic design elements through Planters. The waiting areas are furnished with Workshop chairs and Marcel side tables, offering a comfortable and stylish place for visitors and employees to relax. 

The second office area is optimised for flexibility with Rosie leaners and whiteboards. This setup supports various work styles and meetings, promoting a dynamic and versatile workspace.


Down the hall, the collaborative area is designed to encourage community and enhance work culture. Here, we’ve installed Flat Disk Leaners and Soft Seating, including ottomans and two Soho 2-seater couches. This space is perfect for informal meetings and casual interactions, and it includes a coffee table to add to the relaxed atmosphere.


The meeting room combines functionality with casual elegance. We’ve included Jac relaxed chairs to create a comfortable waiting area, making the space versatile for additional seating and informal meetings. The sleek meeting table is paired with Eames Replica chairs, while a kitchen area with cabinetry enhances the space’s utility and style.


This comprehensive fitout project demonstrates Cemac’s commitment to creating versatile, efficient, and beautiful workspaces. Each area is thoughtfully designed to meet DKJ’s needs, combining aesthetics with functionality to foster a productive and enjoyable work environment.

This was an awesome project to be apart of, and we cant wait to see what new opportunities this expansion will provide!

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