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Convex Packaging

This was a full Fitout, from the Office Space through to Warehouse Racking! Click here to view the Office Fitout!

Cemac Continues the fitout in convex’s warehouse. 

Convex Packaging recently relocated to a new building, and we were fortunate to be entrusted with the task of installing their Selective Racking system.  The chosen Dexion Speedlock Selective Racking provides an impressive total of 556 pallet positions, ensuring efficient storage and organization of their goods.  We were required to design a solution that incorporated an in-rack sprinkler system, which required fire baffling, and additional sprinkler protection. 

Moreover, we took proactive measures to safeguard the racking system against potential damage by installing rack-end bollards and smart guards. With these precise safety measures and efficient storage solutions in place, Convex Packaging can now operate with confidence in their new facility.

This was an awesome project to be apart of, and we cant wait to see what new opportunities this expansion will provide!

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