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Hansa Products

“For a Lifetime”

Hansa Products are a locally owned and operated business competing on the world stage! Hansa excels in crafting top-notch chipping and shredding equipment. Their expertise lies in designing and manufacturing high-quality machinery, constantly seeking innovative approaches to enhance the chipping experience. Their ultimate objective is to develop products that facilitate a transformative landscape experience, enabling users to work with increased efficiency, superior performance, and enhanced safety.

Hansa Products



The implementation of this innovative racking solution marks a pivotal moment for Hansa Products,

Enhancing the overall efficiency of the production process. The Products are now organized and stored systematically, ensuring easy access and quick retrieval when needed for the manufacturing process. By streamlining the storage and retrieval of materials, production cycles are expected to witness a boost in productivity.


Moreover, the Dexion Racking and Shelving system has significantly contributed to creating a safer and more spacious work environment for Hansa’s employees. With proper organization and space optimization, potential hazards are minimized, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting a culture of workplace safety. Employees can now navigate through the warehouse with greater ease and comfort, further enhancing overall operational efficiency.

This was an awesome project to be apart of, and we cant wait to see what new opportunities this expansion will provide!

If you are in need of any Storage Racking Solutions or are looking at getting your Space Elevated, Contact us on 07 839 5145 or email us on info@cemac.nz