Meet Jac: Exploring Features and Benefits

Meet Jac: Exploring Features and Benefits

As Waikato/BOP Zenith agents we are lucky enough to stock the newest collection of workplace and lifestyle chairs at our studio. JAC, the peoples chair, designed by partners Marc Schamburg and Michael Alvisse (Schamburg + Alvisse). Combining everyday comfort, style and elegance with endurance, confidence and strength, the JAC can be used in many different spaces, from workplaces, education to hospitality. With the option of a polypropylene shell, upholstered seat or fully upholstered in a wide range of fabrics, the JAC is a chair that can be customised to enhance any area.

“Beyond fad or fashion, good design merges simplicity with unconditional support and endurance.” Marc Schamburg (Schamburg + Alvisse)

This collection offers high-quality, reliable and versatile products as well ensuring the longevity of our forest. How you ask? Continuing the sustainable design ethos of Schamburg + Alvisse, Zenith has introduced an initiative, for every JAC chair that is sold, a tree is planted. Currently contributing to a five-year project to plant up to one million trees in Bushfire Recovery Nurseries around Australia. Given the impact of Australia’s devastating bushfires in 2019/20, the Bushfire Recovery Nurseries will be the first step in significant replanting following the impact of the bushfires on tree species’ in gravely affected areas. Seedlings will be established from indigenous tree species in each of the nursery locations in NSW, ACT, Victoria and South Australia.

Available in a variety of colours with matching powdercoated legs or timber bases, the JAC is intended to help create spaces for people to focus, share, collaborate, socialise and learn. Well-built and practical, and above all, comfortable. Sitting and standing options further expands the offering to suit meetings, or perhaps relaxing and socialising around a bar.

We invite you to our Studio to MEET JAC

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